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Thailand Currency

1 Thai baht = 0.0332590*94 Australian dollarsThailand Currency
Thailand currency is called Baht. One Baht equals 100 satang. While the denomination of the notes varies from Bt10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, the coins are in the denomination of Bt 10, 5 and 1, 50 and 25 satang. Coins are mostly made of silver and brass and may be of different sizes for the same value. Only the very recent coins are denoted by Arabic numerals. Though the paper money has both Arabic and Thai numerals, they still vary in sizes (that is different denominations have different sizes and the size increases with increase in denomination) and are color coded.

Color Code of the Thai Currency:
·  10 - Brown
·  20 - Green
·  50 - Blue
·  100 - Red
·  500 - Purple
·  1000 - Grey
Exchange Rate and places of exchange for Thailand's Currency:

Though the exchange rate varies from day to day, it approximately remains at 1$ equaling to 34 Baht. Foreign currency can be exchanged at various places, the best among them being banks which have the best rates and are operational from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm from Monday to Friday, but you can also get currency exchanged at big hotels, tourist areas and also from bureaux de change.

Utility of Debit and Credit cards and Travellers Cheques in Thailand:

Debit and credit cards, like MasterCard, Visa and American Express are widely accepted in Thailand. One must check with their card company for acceptability of their cards and also to avail various other facilities accorded to them. Travellers cheques can be one option for all, as additional exchange rates charges can be avoided and they are accepted in all major establishments like banks, shops and hotels. It's advisable for all travelers to carry travellers cheques in Euros, US Dollars or Pounds Sterling.

Currency Restrictions in Thailand:

Thailand has many restrictions as far as the import and export of currency is concerned. While there is no limitation on the import and export of foreign currency, the local currency witnesses a lot of restrictions on its import and export. An individual cannot export local currency more than 50,000 Baht and for a family it should not go beyond 100,000 Baht, this is applicable for people holding only one passport.